Sir Simon Rattle

Sir Simon Rattle about the Berliner Philharmoniker and Berlin

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Again a statement by Sir Simon Rattle:

This orchestra thinks and responds incredibly quickly, every single musician. They’re never standing still. Maybe it’s because this city, Berlin, functions that way too.

Sir Simon Rattle

I totally agree with his analysis of the Berliner Philharmoniker. This orchestra is really outstanding! But I entertain doubts about the reason. It the way Berlin functions was the reason, why are the other orchestras in the city not as exceptional as the Berliner Philharmoniker?

What about you? Have you ever listened to the Berliner Philharmoniker? If not, you should absolutely do so! What about Berlin? Have you ever been there? How do you like it?

Sir Simon Rattle about being a Musician

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From alcohol yesterday to another drug habit today:

It’s an unkickable drug habit. And I’m happy to be a junky till the end of my days.

Sir Simon Rattle

I never thought of using a word like “thrilling” in conjunction with a documentary. Until I watched TRIP TO ASIA. This film is about a concert tour by the Berliner Philharmoniker of six cities in Asia. But the tour itself is just the story angle for getting deeper into the characteristics of an orchestra musician’s life and especially the differences between the Berliner Philharmoniker and other orchestras.

The film consists of many very personal interviews with members of the orchestra and with its artistic director Sir Simon Rattle. Many of these personal confessions of the musicians go straight to my heart. In one of these interviews Sir Simon is talking about “the sensation of what goes on between a conductor and that group of people [the orchestra]” which is leading to his statement about his personal drug habit cited above. But I think this is transferable to being a musician or music in general.

What about you? Is there a kind of obsession you would describe as drug habit? And are you happy to be a junky till the end of your days, too?