Dave · Photo © by Matthias Heyde

Dear reader,

let me introduce me to you: I’m Dave, a musician from Berlin, Germany. I started blogging on my German blog “Ja gut, aber …” in July, 2007. From the experience with this blog arose the desire for a more theme-focussed blog. Out of several ideas I decided in favour of “quotes”.

Since many years I’m a fan of quotations of all sorts. What attracts me most to quotations is the condensed power of wisdom in just a few words. However I don’t want to conceal the fact that I have ambivalent feelings towards quotations in general. The first post in this blog paraphrases those feelings in a good way.

Especially due to this ambivalence I thought it would be a good idea to have a platform for discussing personal aspects of certain quotes. I would appreciate it when we can have here a lively discussion about my and your favourite quotes!

Since German is my first language, I decided to run this blog in English. This is an experiment and might lead to a desaster. ;-) So please, be patient and forgive me my poor school English. And feel free at any time to correct me!