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Sir Simon Rattle about being a Musician

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From alcohol yesterday to another drug habit today:

It’s an unkickable drug habit. And I’m happy to be a junky till the end of my days.

Sir Simon Rattle

I never thought of using a word like “thrilling” in conjunction with a documentary. Until I watched TRIP TO ASIA. This film is about a concert tour by the Berliner Philharmoniker of six cities in Asia. But the tour itself is just the story angle for getting deeper into the characteristics of an orchestra musician’s life and especially the differences between the Berliner Philharmoniker and other orchestras.

The film consists of many very personal interviews with members of the orchestra and with its artistic director Sir Simon Rattle. Many of these personal confessions of the musicians go straight to my heart. In one of these interviews Sir Simon is talking about “the sensation of what goes on between a conductor and that group of people [the orchestra]” which is leading to his statement about his personal drug habit cited above. But I think this is transferable to being a musician or music in general.

What about you? Is there a kind of obsession you would describe as drug habit? And are you happy to be a junky till the end of your days, too?

W. C. Fields about Reality and Alcohol

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On the subject of reality I like this one best:

Reality is an illusion that occurs due to the lack of alcohol.

W. C. Fields

While alcoholism is far from being funny, in this one the danger of alcohol leads to a pivotal question in philosophy: What is reality? And not alone in philosophy but also in theology, psychology, brain reasearch and other sciences reality is an important subject and an unsolved problem yet.

What is your personal definition of reality? Can we ever be sure that something is real? Is alcohol a solution? What do you think?

Erich Kästner about Quotation

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So, this is my new blog about quotation. Let’s start off with my favourite quote about quotation:

“Unser Deutschlehrer hasst Zitate”, sagte Gustav. “Er ist der Ansicht, wir sollten uns gefälligst selber etwas einfallen lassen, statt aus Büchern abzuschreiben. Das sei genauso verwerflich wie das Abschreiben vom Nachbarn.”

Erich Kästner, “Emil und die drei Zwillinge”, Achtes Kapitel

“Our German master hates quotations,” said Gustav. “He says we ought to think of what to say for ourselves, instead of copying it out of books. He says it’s just as bad as copying from our neighbour.”

Erich Kästner, “Emil and the three twins”, Chapter 8
(Translation by Cyrus Brooks)

I like this one very much, because it expresses my ambivalent feelings towards quotes in general. Sometimes I feel guilty at using other people’s thoughts. It’s like pluming myself on other people’s achievements. But on the other hand there are so many situations when a certain quote describes my current feelings or a situation as perfect as I never could express ist in my own words. So why not using a quote and showing reverence to a sage person?

What about you? What are your feelings towards quotation in general? Do you feel guilty? What means the magic of quotation to you?